NEW Glee Sours

Makes your face SCRUNCH & your tongue TINGLE!
28 October 2020
New Glee Sours are a sour lolly captured in a drink! With an upfront sourness followed by a delicious sweetness, Glee Sours are a taste sensation which will have you coming back for more!
Sour lollies are a global sensation so why not replicate these in a beverage!

Glee Sours are the latest edition to the Glee 99% Sparkling Juice range. Glee is the preferred 250mL Sparkling Juice sold through school canteens nationally! In fact they are an ASCA (Australian School Canteen Association) approved product!

Glee Sours are available in Sour Watermelon and Sour Blueberry. These are in addition to the four existing Glee flavours – Rockin’ Raspberry, Tropical Treat, Bubblegum Grape and Blackcurrant Burst.